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Then came the art...

2010-05-11 19:28:10 by son0fgrim

Finaly started submiting art. ples check it out.

think for yourself...

2009-12-29 16:54:30 by son0fgrim

got arested.

Deus Ex Machina.

2009-06-26 09:17:33 by son0fgrim

This is a real extracts from what i wrote. this is my life's work ple's don't copy it. (but if you do give me credit)


It was a beautiful summer's day. A young man lay in the grass staring at the vast blue sky, in which you could now see the orbital trade center as ships flew in and out of it. He wondered to himself if all was now calm. The war that had gone on since before he was born was now over. He was blissfully thinking of his home, wife, and child. Later, he awoke to a noise much like an explosion; he sat up confused, had he fallen asleep? Then he realized what he had heard was an explosion; in fact there were multiple explosions. He looked towards the village, and to his horror saw it burning. He ran, desperate to save his family; men in strange uniforms guarded the entrance. They yelled and pointed at him and raised they're weapons. He ran, jumped onto the men's vehicle, and jumped the wall. He felt five points of pain in his back but kept moving towards his home. He saw others lying in the streets with bullet holes in their backs and chests. Men, women, children everywhere, dead. Then he sees his home, and screams. His home was burning to a blackened cinder with a figure lying on the doorstep. Then he was knocked down and saw a man's gun butt in his face, then blackness.

Animator needed.

2009-06-17 20:55:26 by son0fgrim

need help making my flash. if your here you probably say my thing in the forum. Email me at and i'll send you a piece of the script.

Jak @ Jay have come to stay

2009-02-24 18:38:21 by son0fgrim

The first Deus ex Machina Is now in production. I'll give you a teaser Pic.

Jak @ Jay have come to stay

New pic

2009-02-19 19:47:05 by son0fgrim

New pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New pic

damn it all. i make my first vid and i don't have the right format. fuck.

To get a bad ass animation program look up pivot.

Lego Tankmen

2008-12-08 22:05:31 by son0fgrim

Some pics of the tank men i made from legos. it was pretty fun and by the way the tank really shoots.

note: these aren't for sale to any weirdos who collect Lego crap.

Lego Tankmen

1st image posted

2008-09-08 20:59:05 by son0fgrim

First piece of art I'm putting on Newgrounds. it looked cooler when i first drew it.

1st image posted

Just got castle crashers

2008-08-28 15:19:10 by son0fgrim

I just got castle crashers and one compliant, 1,200points that's kind of a rip. other wise i fucking love it the 4 player online co-op is awesome and the art work is beautiful. the crashers r awesome to, but i can't get the fucking ninja unlocked. tom Fulp you are awsome.

Just got castle crashers